CS:GO Squad Finishes 4-3 Heading Into Spring Playoffs

CS:GO Squad Finishes 4-3 Heading Into Spring Playoffs

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve Corporation, is one of five esports titles in which the Ashland University Esports team competes. Ashland University CS:GO competes in the Collegiate Starleague, the premier platform for collegiate esports competition in the United States and Canada.

The Ashland University Counter-Strike: Global Offensive starting lineup features freshman Kevin Vaughan (AWPer), freshman Seth Ho (Rifler), freshman Alexander Freund (Entry Fragger), freshman Hunter Shrum (IGL) and freshman Mason Mayfield (Rifler).

Ashland competed against regional contenders University of Akron, Ohio State University and Miami University RedHawks. With a 4-3 record in round-robin, Ashland notably defeated Tiffin University and Case Western Reserve University.

Ashland advances from the fall round-robin with favorable seeding going into spring playoff contention.

Collegiate Starleague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Fall Season

Week 1: Ashland 16-6 Tiffin University

Week 2: Ashland 2-16 University of Akron

Week 3: Ashland 16-19 Miami University of Ohio

Week 4: Ashland 16-3 Kent State University

Week 5: Ashland 16-1 Marietta College

Week 6: Ashland 8-16 Ohio State University

Week 7: Ashland 16-9 Case Western Reserve University