New Display Honors Ashland Women’s Athletics History

New Display Honors Ashland Women’s Athletics History

A new display on the second floor of Ashland University's Physical Education Center showcases the long and rich tradition of women's athletics on campus.

Among the features of the display are memorabilia and information graphics highlighting five key figures, as well as a timeline which traces the history of Ashland College/University women's athletics back to the early 1900s.

Memorabilia and information graphics for Ashland women's athletics athletes, coaches and administrators will rotate every semester.

The inaugural group of memorabilia and info graphics subjects are:

- Sunny Litteral-Jones (softball, 1996-99)

- Kari Daugherty-Pickens (basketball, 2011-13)

- Jamie Minnich-McDaniel (swimming, 1996-98)

- Bobbi Pugh-Weaver (volleyball, 1988-91)

- Dr. Ella Shannon (administrator/field hockey head coach)

The display is the culmination of more than a year of planning, research and development.